The term “photoshop ninja” gets tossed around a lot these days...

Stephen King compares the creative process to excavating a fossil; inspiration is like a tiny nugget peaking out from the sand, and only after a lot of hard work will you truly know what you have. And only a skilled hand won't break it's potential.

His point is this: the worth of an idea is revealed in the doing, and you need to have a full tool box to get the most from it.

So when the brainstorming ends, I've got the highly refined and eclectic skillset to bring any idea to life; either in the imagination of a client or in the hearts of the consumers.

With extensive experience in illustration, design, print production, and digital (I hand coded this website), I'm among the best utility players in the industry. All of this helps me manage and mentor a team when one is available, or execute when one is not.