Dead Pokémon

Poking at the cultural zeitgeist.

Every once in a while, an idea is so silly you just have to do it. In the echo of the Pokémon Go cultural explosion, I teamed up with long-time collaborator Lance Pilgrim to create a guerrilla art stunt that straddles the line between unbelievable and inevitable.

Throughout the city, we marked Pokémon Go gyms with street vigils, commemorating the falling of people's virtual pocket monsters in the language of real-world loss.

The hope was to capture a "what is this?" reaction from obsessed players, and make them question if someone is truly this emotionally invested in their smartphone jpegs, and reflect on their own behavior.

The exercise in absurdity was capture by a WIRED documentary crew, and covered in extensively in the US and Japan to the exact bafflement we desired.