To deliver on the promise of a made up word, we made it snow in July.

Strongbow Cider challenged us to create a festival lounge space that evokes the “golden hour” of sunset.

This was a ground up project, where all assets were designed internally; including a watertower sampling station, custom illustrated backdrops, bars, and an assortment of classic games.

But when the brand pivoted to it's “bestest” campaign, the activation needed to pivot as well. Enter the “bestest moment”: an over-the-top surprise consumer experience arriving at sunset.

Through out the hot summer day, our brand ambassadors handed out knit gloves to festival goers while signage cautioned snow in the forecast. Once golden hour arirved, consumers rushed into a field of fresh powder and engaged in a surreal snowball fight under the setting sun.

One festival goer ran home to put on his Santa suit. He's the bestest.

ROLE: Creative Lead at Mirrorball.